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BLU220PLUS Medium Gain Wideband YAGI/Reflector UHF Antenna |
BLU220PLUS Medium Gain Wideband YAGI/Reflector UHF Antenna

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BLU220PLUS is the right choice for range distance of 35-50 miles. With its broad directional pattern, BLU220PLUS can be aimed at a metropolitan area with multiple stations and usually receive all stations without need of an antenna rotator. BLU220PLUS features the Fracarro-exclusive Collinear Dual Dipole driven element with exceptionally wide-band frequency response and higher gain. Integral "capacitive half-wave balun" (no lossy transformer). Includes integral heavy-duty mounting bracket for attachment to mast.

Optional DataWave RF Internal Ultra Low Noise Amplifier is Available

    * Model: BLU220PLUS, 33x20x23 (in)
    * Shipping Weight: 3lbs
    * Manufactured by: Fracarro Radioindustrie

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Price: $44.95 each


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