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DataWave RF UHF HDTV MaxChannel Series
14E/RF-XX/XX-P75 DataWave RF 14.64dBi MaxChannel Series UHF Antenna | SKU-00000001
14E/RF-XX/XX-P75 DataWave RF 14.64dBi MaxChannel Series UHF Antenna
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+ Order by RF Channel Assignment:

14E/RF-XX/XX-P75 : "XX/XX" = UHF Channel/Freq. Range

+ 14.64dBi Gain with 1.5:1 max. SWR (-14dB Return Loss) (1.2:1 SWR typical)

+ "Free Space" non-metallic antenna boom eliminates inductive signal interference and pattern distortion

+ "Balanced-T" impedance matched feed, 75 ohms (50 ohms optional), with Passive 4:1 1/2-wave Coaxial Balun

+ (14) elements: Reflector(1), Driven Element(1), Directors(12); All elements are continuous single piece 6.35mm (.25-in) solid aluminum

+ NEMA-rated weather-proof cast aluminum  T-Match/Balun Mounting enclosure

+ Ultra-rugged 1x1-in Fiberglass Square Boom construction

+ Mast Clamp, galvanized steel

+ Dimensions/Weight:

Length: 78-in ~ 54-in (RF14 ~ RF51)

Width: 12.25-in ~ 8.24-in

x 2.5" (LxWxH), 5-7 lbs.

For more information please the Tech Corner article:

"The High Gain Single Channel Strategy"


Price: $279.00 each

RF Channel Designation

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